Thursday, March 10, 2011


Let's think outside the box when it comes to cardio training. Here is the HOW, WHAT, WHY, and WHEN of cardiovascular exercise.

WHAT: Cardio exercises are those that tap into and improve the cardiorespiratory function in our body. We typically think of these as the classic calorie-burning exercises such as running, walking, cycling, etc.

WHY: Although weight loss is what the majority of people focus on when it comes to cardio, we also want to increase our endurance, stamina, and function of this system.

WHEN: Anytime! cardiovascular exercises can have a great long-lasting benefit following our workout regardless of what time of day we perform it. The key is just getting in!

And now to the HOW: Many Americans burn up the treadmill and elliptical machines for endless hours, take hour-long aerobic classes, or spend vast amounts of time out walking. Although there is a cardiorespiratory benefit to these, when it comes to weight loss we want to work at a high level of intensity......thus, CARDIO INTERVALS!

Long, low-intensity, steady-state cardio burns calories AT THE TIME, meaning during the actual exercise or activity.

Cardio Intervals, with a work-to-rest-ratio at a high intensity, will burn exponentially more calories AFTER THE WORKOUT. Basically, we want an 'after-burn' effect to our training. Less time, higher intensity, greater benefit. In other words, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

As a bonus, rather than devoting an hour or hour & half to your cardio exercise commit to 10-20 minutes at a much higher level. Higher metabolic, greater fat loss, and in half the time!

Jeff McDaniel
FastFit Training & Fitness

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