Monday, October 29, 2012


More Of My Freaky Fat Loss Pumpkin Tabata Workouts

Use These Halloween-Inspired Interval Training Workouts To Work Off That Trick or Treat Candy This Year!

     A medicine ball is a great piece of equipment for people looking to burn fat and build muscle anywhere. Med balls are extremely portable and affordable and come in all sizes (typically anywhere from 5-50 lbs) allowing you to customize your med ball workouts for your current fitness level, gender, or goal. Larger individuals, males, and/or trainees looking for more muscle-building benefits are best suited for a larger med ball (25-50 lbs). On the other hands, smaller individuals, females, and/or trainees looking for more fat-burning benefits are best suited for a smaller med ball (10-20 lbs).

    A pumpkin is a great seasonal exercise tool that essentially mimics a medicine ball and thus has the same practicality. The only drawbacks to pumpkin training are that eventually the poor pumpkin rots after several weeks and you can’t slam or bounce a pumpkin like a med ball... unless your goal is to spray pumpkin shards everywhere! 

See below for just some of the amazing benefits of pumpkin training (e.g. med ball training):

-    Pumpkins can successfully be used as a training tool for all exercise categories: total body, upper body, lower body, core, cardio, sport-specific, etc.
-    Pumpkins allow you to train your core in a standing position for maximal improvements in functional performance and athleticism in addition to increasing the recruitment of the key core muscles (abs, hips, lower back) during lower body exercises like squats and upper body exercises like push-ups
-    Pumpkins allow you to train your body with multi-joint/compound exercises in multiple planes AND directions of movement for a more complete training experience and a better carryover for sport-specific training (e.g. overhead med ball passes for soccer players)
-    Pumpkins allow for a greater range of motion on many exercises when compared to traditional weight training equipment (e.g. barbells), thus allowing for greater improvements in muscle flexibility and joint mobility
-    Pumpkins are great for partner training to develop team work and rapport in group training settings
-    Pumpkins allow for quick exercise set-up AND quick transition time between exercises for more seamless workouts
-    Pumpkins are both safer and easier to use than traditional bulky and metal-based weight training equipment
-    Pumpkins are FUN and allow for some cool exercise variety to spice up your workouts Burn NINE TIMES More Fat With These 4-Minute Pumpkin Circuit Training Workouts

Get Fit!


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