Thursday, August 9, 2012


Perform These Gold-Medal Winning Moves For Total-Body Fat Loss and Muscle-Building

These fun Olympic-inspired exercises work the shoulders, hips, and glutes and mimic the explosive total-body movements found in the Olympic games! Do them individually or perform these in a 5-exercise format as follows:

40-20 Olympic MEDAL-bolic Circuit
Station #1 - The Shot Put Press
Station #2 - The Sprinter Lunge
Station #3 - The Gymnastic Glute Bridge
Station #4 - The Triple Jump Squat
Station #5 - The Javelin Press

The Shot Put Press 
Assume a split stance with your right leg forward while holding a dumbbell at shoulder level in your right hand. Stay tall and drop your hips slightly while loading your front heel so you have triple bends in your knees, ankles, and hips. Now explosively drive through your right heel and hip to press the weight overhead as you simultaneously pivot your feet and rotate your hips so you face 180-degrees away from the starting position (like throwing a shotput in track and field). Reverse the movement and repeat for time. Switch sides at the halfway mark during each work period


The Sprinter Lunge 
Begin in a reverse lunge position and using opposite arm-leg mechanics drive off the heel of the front into a high-knee raise and slowly lower down to the starting position and repeat for time. Critical to stay tall up top and keep weight on the heel for maximal glute activation. 


The Gymnastic Glute Bridge 
This unique move is a 1-arm, 1-leg Hip/Glute Bridge. Start with your left leg in a bent-knee position and your right leg extended out. The right arm is the support arm and is on the ground with fingertips spread for greater stability. Left arm is overhead. Begin by driving through the left heel and raise the hips as high as you can, hold for a count, and lower in control and repeat for time. 

The Triple Jump Squat 
Starting from a parallel stance position, drop your feet to the side and down into the bottom of a parallel squat and return to starting position. From the drop to the bottom of a split-squat position and return to the starting position and repeat for the opposite leg. Repeat this squat complex for time. 


The Javelin Press 
Hold a dumbbell in your right hand in an athletic position with triple bends in your knees, ankles, and hips. Now shuffle a couple steps to your left and then simultaneously pivot your feet and rotate your hips to your left to press the weight directly overhead. Reverse the movement, shuffle back to your right and repeat for time. Switch sides from set to set or at the halfway make of a given work period.

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