Sunday, April 15, 2012


Tabata interval training is the single most effective type of high intensity interval training, its also the most intense by far, and surprisingly its the shortest in duration, it only last for four minutes... but those four minutes produce remarkable effects.

Options on what exercises to choose to perform a Tabata interval workout are limitless. Bodyweight versions are perfect when your at home or traveling, but today I'm going to show you how to use a $15 band to build your very own treadmill and indoor rowing machine combo for an amazing total body cardio workout.

It's very easy to set up this treadmill and rowing-machine combo. Simply attach a resistance to any stable, secure object and your set.

The unique aspect of using the band is that it will cause you to get some proprioception in the hips due to constant change in resistance throughout the movement. This will basically get your hips more involved than you would in a normal stationary run or on a treadmill. Also, the "fighting" against the band tension aspect of this exercise integrates more activation of the core. In simple terms, we've made a typical cardio exercise more whole-body. The same is true for the band squat-to-row, which is an excellent compound exercise involving multiple joints in this homemade rowing machine.

You can purchase these bands from my online store or at Perform Better.

You can download the official 4:00 Tabata Soundtrack for FREE right here and get started on an amazing rapid fat loss cardio workout you can take with you anywhere!

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