Friday, March 12, 2010

FastFit Move Of The Week: Side Plank Band Rows

The Side Plank is an exercise that is great for increasing your shoulder stability, improving balancing, and strengthening your back and core. By adding this Resistance Band row to this move your also are able to work the posture muscles in your back as well as the biceps. All you'll need is a strong enough band to provide the resistance and a mat.

Anchor the band to a door or a stable object, and from a Side Plank position bring the elbow straight behind you pulling the handles towards the ribs. Slow and controlled movements keeping tension on all the muscles involved. Exhale on the pull, and inhale on the release.

If you've never performed a Side Plank before then you'll want to start with this basic move before attempting the Resistance Band row with it. You'll begin by placing your elbow underneath the shoulder on a mat or towel for some cushioning. Then depending on your level of core strength you can raise the hips off the ground using your knees or stacking the feet as in the video. Build your strength & balance up until you can hold the Side Plank for :45 or more and then your ready to add the Resistance Band.

Jeff McDaniel

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