Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FastFit Move Of The Week: Oblique Crunches

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Use this exercise to target the oblique area of your midsection. Using a Physio Ball, or exercise ball, this move isolates and tones this area to help you Lose The Love-Handles!

To begin, you'll need a Physio Ball and a wall. You want to start by placing your hip bone into the ball. Your top leg will be extended straight against the bottom of the wall with your top leg bent slightly and behind to help you maintain your balance.

There are many options and levels on how to do this exercise. The basic level is place your forearm on the ball for support and to do a side or Oblique crunch up squeezing your rib cage to your hip. Slow and controlled movements keeping constant tension on the muscles will get better results faster than quick, short reps.

Option 2 is to place both hands behind your head and slowly crunch up and down. This takes away your ability to push off and have stability with your forearm. And definitely a more advanced move.

Once you've mastered that version, you can twist-up at the top which will help involve the abdominal muscles more. You want to exhale on the crunch and inhale as you extend down. Try to use a full second crunching up and down.

To make this even more challenging you can add some resistance by using a dumbbell or a book.

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