Thursday, June 3, 2010


A Miracle Drink & The Fountain Of Youth

For centuries, green tea has been known for it's amazing health and medical powers. As a super anti-oxidant, the catechins found in the leaves eliminate toxins from our body that lead to serious health issues.

As an ancient Chinese proverb says:
"Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one."

I'd say the Chinese knew something about how important green tea is. They treated it for everything from headaches to depression. Today we're realizing just why it was so important.

So what are just some of the benefits to Green Tea:
1) High in anti-oxidants
2) Kills cancer cells without harming the healthy tissue
3) Lowers cholesterol levels
4) Inhibits the forming of blood clots
5) Boosts metabolism & speeds up fat oxidation.

The French Paradox
For years researchers were amazed at how the French had a lower rate of heart disease than Americans despite eating a diet high in fat. The answer they found was in their consumption of wine which contains a nutrient (reservetrol) that limited the effects of a fatty diet. ECGC is twice as powerful as the resevetrol found in wine.

Color Matters
So what about black tea, jasmine tea, or other types? Because green tea leaves are steamed as opposed to being fermented like other tea leaves, the powerful cancer-fighting agent ECGC is kept in its purest state rather than being oxidized or converted into other compounds. Bottom line: all the many positive things we get from green tea leaves are kept in.

Nature's Fat Burner!
In addition to helping our healing process, cancer prevention & even the cure for the common headache, yet another incredible benefit from adding green tea to your diet is it's ability to increase our bodies ability to oxidize fat faster. Research has shown that consistent regular consumption of green tea raises the speed of fat oxidation by 17%. This means our body is utilizing nutrients and breaking fat at a much faster rate.

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