Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FastFit Move Of The Week: V-Sits For Valentine's Day!

V-Sit + Band Rows
Here's a great combination exercise that will target your abs, arms & back in one move.

First begin in a V-Sit pose.

If this move is new to you then you may want to begin with a basic V-Sit position without using an exercise band and learn how to find your center of balance and maintain this pose. V-Sits & V-Sit Crunches are great core exercises in themselves, but can also be a base for more advanced moves.

Find a band of your strength level. Resistance bands will normally be lighter with the lighter colors (yellow, green), intermediate level (reds, blues) and heavy resistance with darker colors (purple, black)

Place the resistance band under your feet, stabilizing your body into a V-Sit pose, The elbows will shoot straight back as you pull the handles to your ribs.

You can do different combinations of rows from palms-in, palms down, or palms-up to target the different muscles in your back.

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