Thursday, February 25, 2010

Milk: It Does A Body Good

It's interesting that we spend the first year of our lives on milk, as do most animals, and that doctors encourage their elderly patients to drink milk on a daily basis to help keep their bones strong, and yet, somewhere along the way between infants to older adults we feel like milk is not that important.

So the question is : does it really do a body good?

The answer is...Absolutely!

Here's just a few benefits you can get by adding milk to your daily diet:
* Milk is 85% water, known also as "liquid food", it is the ultimate food and fluid source.
* Calcium-rich dairy foods such as milk boost the body's fat burning following a meal.
* Generates energy in the body's cells and strengthens bones.
* Supplies natural proteins that aid in quality of sleep
* Contains casein & whey which help rebuild your muscle following a workout
* Has 9 nutrients that are essential for fighting disease.
* Possesses antimicrobial and cleansing agents for the skin.

The secret of milk is nothing new. From ancient times it was supplied to soldiers to boost energy and stamina, was believed to help prevent disease, and even used by Cleopatra during weekly milk baths as an anti-aging beauty regiment.
For those that are Lactose Intolerant, there are a few things you can still do.
1) Limit your consumption of dairy. Most can tolerate 1 cup of dairy per day, and it doesn't matter what form that source of dairy is in.
2) Consume milk or milk products in combination with other foods. An example would be to have 6-8 oz of milk along with your meal.
3) Drink milk in small amounts throughout the day to assist your body in the consumption of lactose.

So, what's the best kind of milk to drink?

From a strictly nutritional standpoint, breast milk is still superior to anything we could purchase at a store, with cow's milk being next, followed by goat's milk.

With the world changing over the past century, no longer does the average American get up early and go milk the cow to have fresh milk for breakfast. Today, we're in a position to have to purchase milk from our local grocery store, so we're left to wonder where are milk actually comes from and what really has the industry been injecting into those cows!

As a general rule, the more organic you can eat the better. So, it's to our advantage to drink organic milk when we have the opportunity. But either way, be sure to add milk to your list of important things to take in each day.

So... Got Milk?

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