Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthy Thanksgiving Alternatives

The average calories consumed during a Thanksgiving meal is about 3000 ( and nearly 300 g of Fat! ). Factor the snacking throughout the day, and the average American will take in nearly 5000 calories on Thanksgiving... Yikes! So here are some for healthy Thanksgiving feast that is loaded with vitamins & nutrients and won't shatter your diet.

When thinking of Thanksgiving dinner let's start with the main course: Turkey

When it comes lean sources of meat it's hard to beat Turkey. A 6 oz slice of white meat has barely 5 g fat and nearly 50 g of Protein! It's also full of folic acid,Vitamin B, & Arginine.
Arginine increases the release of HGH the anti-aging hormone; relaxes & opens up arteries, & improves blood circulation. Avoid eating the dark meat, the skin, & frying it all of which elevates the level of saturated fats

On a list of foods that neutralize harmful molecules, fight disease, and eliminate toxins from the body, Cranberries are near the top of the list. Filled with antioxidants, they also help lower cholesterol since they are loaded with fiber. Because of these great benefits, cranberries should be consumed more often than just holidays. Try making your cranberry sauce from whole berries rather than out of a can. It will provide more taste & less sugary sauce.

No need adding marshmallows to your sweet potatoes. They're called sweet for a reason! Excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, & fiber. You can prepare this as a soup or roast with apples and herbs to make a great Thanksgiving addition.

Stuffing is exactly what it's name implies, but can also stuff you with healthy nutrients. Use whole grain bread as a base to load your stuffing with fiber, vitamin B, vitamin E, & magnesium. You can keep it moist with a low sodium broth rather than butter to cut your calories down.

Well it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a piece of Pumpkin Pie. Before being made into a pie, pumpkins are simply a very healthy vegetable with tons of vitamin A, beta carotene, and vitamin C. Try using non-fat cool whip & keep your portion size in mind to avoid excessive calories.

Happy (Healthy) Thanksgiving!

Jeff McDaniel

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