Monday, November 23, 2009

Tips For Not Tanking On Turkey Day

Okay, so as Thanksgiving approaches there's this big temptation to use the "i'll start back on Monday" routine again, which results in not only Thursday off but the entire week! So rather than destroying the work that you've put in up to this point try out these simple easy tips for surviving the caloric holocaust of Thanksgiving:

1) Go for a walk on Thanksgiving morning.

Many people get up and exercise each morning anyway, so why not keep this routine even on the big day. It will give your metabolism a kick-start, and as is always the case, as you incorporate exercise into your day your much more likely to make smarter choices throughout the rest of the day.

2) Portion Control

Most people will not only NOT eat 5 to 6 small meals this Thursday, but many will only get in one large meal and then snack the rest of the day. Calorie intake can near 5000 for the average American ( Can you say pecan pie? ). Your body is going to like you much more if you'll get a small portion of everything rather than going back for seconds or even thirds. And then have some of that delicious food again later. Your body can only burn so many calories per hour, no sense overwhelming it with 3000 in one shot.

3) Football On Thanksgiving.

This is an American pastime. Eat a huge meal then sit back and watch football the rest of the day...or nap the rest of the day rite? Instead, how about get out and play a game of football with the family. Start a new tradition that will not only be fun and family oriented but an incredible calorie burn. Then back in for some desserts!

4) Black Friday

So your up at 5am to get the best deals available right? The day can be frantic, and topped that with your guilt of "Eater's Remorse" from all you ate the day before, the day can indeed be a little black. Take time on this shopping crazed day to spend some time for yourself doing some activity. If your at a gym, get in some bike intervals or hit the stairmaster for a good calorie burn, and then incorporate some strength training in to remind your muscles that they are still there. If your at home, workout with some basic body weight calisthenics (squats, planks, T-Twists, mountain climbers, etc).

Other tips for the holiday after effect is to 'liquify' yourself. Water, along with a glass of green tea, is great for eliminating much of those toxins we blast our body with on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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