Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dead Bread...The Scary Truth About White Bread

Why Not White?
The old saying goes "the whiter the bread, the quicker your dead" is more true than you may guess. Despite the difference in taste, there is a world of difference between white bread and wheat bread. For one, white bread is wheat bread that has had the wheat, germ, and other essential vitamins & nutrients stripped away. So all the key elements that do so much for our body is removed. To make matters worse, to meet FDA standards many of these nutrients are then synthetically engineered and sprayed back on. Nature creates, we destroy, and then spray it back on in a synthetic form. Not good.

Why Is White Bread White?

Interesting question. How is it that white bread is white when the flour taken from wheat is not. The startling truth is that it is bleached white! Just like you bleach your clothes, bread is done the same way with chemical agents such as nitrogen oxide, chlorine, chloride, and various other bleaching agents that have no business being inside our bodies.

So why bleach bread to start with? Bleaching enables the white flour to have a longer shelf life so it can be transported across country and sit in your grocery aisle for a much longer time. The problem is that bleaching destroys many of the nutrients that we are supposed to get from bread....again, "dead bread".

The Banning Of White Bread
The Swiss have been on this for decades. They've taken such a strong stand against the consumption of white bread that they have even began taxing the purchase of white bread and putting the tax money towards reducing the price of wheat bread.

Canada has acted by strictly prohibiting the use of synthetic nutrients being used in the making of white bread. Bread must contain the original vitamins, not imitations.

The Final Verdict

Just this month CNN reported that women who eat white bread, white rice & other high carb foods were twice as likely to develop heart disease.

White bread is also digested much faster than wheat resulting in a dramatic rise of blood sugar, compared to whole grain products which are slowly digested and help maintain a steady blood sugar level. From obesity to cardiovascular diseases we are much better off eating whole grains than white bread.

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  1. Okay now I don't want white bread anymore. I used to like it, but now I don't