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Day#2, Tip#2: Eat OFTEN to Feed Muscle and Starve Fat!
Eat immediately upon waking and then every 2-4 hours for a total of 4-6 approved meals per day depending on your goals.
“I know I am supposed to eat like 5 or 6 times per day, but I usually skip breakfast because I am so busy and I just don’t have any time to eat anything in the morning. Once I get to work it’s a total rat race and I just never have time to eat anything but a candy bar or some chips from the vending machine during the day. Sometimes I have a small lunch or I’ll swing by a fast-food joint. By the end of the day I am freakin’ starving and I eat a really big dinner before I go to bed.”

Sadly, this statement is a pretty accurate summary of how most people in our country eat on a regular basis:
- We skip breakfast
- We eat 1 or 2 meals per day
- We eat the biggest meal of the day as our last meal before bed

Well, the good news is that you now know exactly WHAT NOT TO DO!

Now, I’ll give you this: it’s a bit counterintuitive that eating more often will help you lose weight. I mean seriously, how can eating more get rid of your gut? Here’s how:
It is important to first understand the evolutionary history of our ancestors. Not so long ago food was very scarce and we could go many long hours, days, or even a whole week or more between meals. Essentially, we would starve on a regular basis.
Our body has an amazing ability to adapt to its environment in an effort to survive. Thus, the human body became very efficient at storing as much fat for energy as possible in case another state of famine was right around the corner whenever it would sense imminent starvation.
In addition, when your body is starving it will start to consume muscle protein for energy in an effort to save even more body fat as critical survival energy. The result is a loss of lean muscle mass and body shape and a slow, sluggish metabolism.
So, how long does it take to go without eating before your body enters SURVIVAL MODE?
Yep, you guessed it:
2-4 hours!

If you haven’t eaten in the last 2-4 hours, this is what’s going on in your body right now:
- It’s storing ugly, unwanted body fat in all those pesky trouble spot areas like your hips, thighs, abs, and lower back!
- It’s breaking down that lean, toned muscle tissue that gives your body shape and allows you to perform at optimal levels!
- It’s slowing your metabolism to a dead halt stopping fat loss in its tracks!

But wait, there’s more bad news! When you don’t eat every 2-4 hours your body will store as many calories as possible at your next meal to stock up for the next hunger strike. In addition, your blood sugar levels will be so low that your body is going to be craving high-carb, high-fat junk foods that will leave you feeling guilty and bloated. In other words, you will overeat junk food and become a fat-storing machine.

Once and for all, let’s say it together:
No more miserable starvation diets that leave us fatter and more frustrated!

JEFF'S RAPID FAT LOSS DIET PRINCIPLE #1- Eat OFTEN to Feed Muscle and Starve Fat: Eat immediately upon waking and then every 2-4 hours for a total of 4-6 approved meals per day depending on your goals.

Bottom Line:
 Frequent Feedings Build a Fat-Melting, Muscle-Building Metabolism:
- Increased Thermic Effect of Feeding (TEF): Every time you eat you boost your metabolism as your body burns calories chewing, swallowing, and digesting food. If you eat 2-3 meals per day, you will only boost your metabolism 2-3 times. However eating 4-6 meals a day will results in 2-3 extra metabolic boosts per day!

- Feed Muscle and Starve Fat: Your body is programmed to survive periods of famine and starvation due to evolution. Thus, your body will store fat and eat muscle as soon as it senses the slightest signal of starvation. By eating every 2-4 hours you will both provide your body with a steady flow of muscle-building nutrients and allow your body to use fat for fuel. You will also simultaneously increase your body’s natural production of anabolic hormones (good muscle-building and fat-melting hormones) and decrease your body’s natural production of catabolic hormones (bad muscle-wasting and fat-storing hormones).

- Increase Performance and Improve Energy Levels: Eating every 2-4 hours effectively balances your blood sugar levels and provides a steady and consistent flow of energy to your body to maximize your daily performance at school or work and during your workouts.

- Trick Your Body Into Thinking It’s Being Overfed: Unfortunately, your body has no real interest in being lean. However, by eating every 2-4 hours, even when you are in a caloric deficit, you trick your body into thinking that food is always shortly on the way and thus you will avoid the pit falls of starvation-induced muscle loss and fat-storage.

- Avoid the Spillover Effect: When you eat a few big meals each day, the higher caloric and macronutrient content of these meals are more likely to lead to a spillover of nutrients resulting in unwanted fat gain. This is because it is often too difficult for your body to digest large quantities of food. By eating 4-6 smaller, evenly distributed meals each day you are preventing this overflow of nutrients and making it easier for your body to digest and make use of all the nutrient-dense food you are putting into your body.
- A study from Georgia State University concluded that people who opted to eat every 2-3 hours rather than the typical 2-3 meals per day have better blood sugar levels, fewer catabolic hormones, more anabolic hormones, less blood cholesterol, better body composition, and higher metabolic rates! When was the last time you ate?

Expert’s Suggestion: Set Your Metabolic Alarm Clock!
Most of us wake up every day to an alarm clock. It is safe to say that the majority of us would probably not wake-up every morning when we are supposed to if we did not have this alarm clock.
Do you honestly think you are going to eat every 2-4 hours unless your body tells you to? We are all so very busy and there truly never seems to be enough time in the day and that is why it is critical that we give our bodies the incentive to eat as often as possible.
Thus, it is essential to establish a daily eating schedule so that your metabolism has the ideal internal alarm clock to optimize your health, body composition, and performance. If you commit to eating every 2-4 hours for a total of 4-6 approved meals for at least 2 weeks, I promise you that your stomach will be rumbling for that next meal sooner than later. IT’S LIKE CLOCKWORK!

Message me for my complete Rapid Fat Loss Plan and look for my Day #3, Tip #3 coming soon!

Jeff McDaniel, C.M.T.
FastFit Fitness Owner

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