Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Gyms and health clubs make exercising so inviting with the endless rows of cardio machines and big screen TV's.  And while they do have their place, fitness centers are not the only place to get your workout on!  Fitness in a park setting breaks the monotony of the gym,  provides some variety to your workout and adds a little adventure along the way!  Many reseachers are speaking to the added benefits of being outdoors in mental as well as physical health.  Something about being outside in the fresh air and natural light that gives your workout a much needed boost! Personally, as a trainer who specializes in metabolic and functional training, I can tell you that there are many park-based exercises that are as functional as the most advanced fitness equipment, and are much more applicable to real life.  So with that, here is my 'At The Park' Workout I just did.  All you'll need is a park bench and a nice day! I've performed the workout complete with Level I, II, and III Exercise Progressions.  If you enjoy it comment below and share with anyone who is looking to bring a lil' variety and adventure to their stale workout!

Trainer At The Park Level I
Trainer At The Park Level II Trainer At The Park Level III

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