Friday, June 3, 2011


Looking to sculp your body for summer?

If your looking to not only trim some unwanted fat but also to tighten & tone your body in all the right places, a solid workout plan is needed. Here's some ideas for starting you on track for your awesome summer body!

Research continues to show us that maximum fat loss and fitness results is best accomplished by performing high intensity interval training (HIIT) in a circuit style of training using non-competitve exercises.

There are several ways to accomplish this and each one has it's own advantages:

SUPERSETS: Alternate between 2 different non-competing exercises such as an upper body and lower body exercise (ex. pushups and squats )

TRISETS: Alternate between 3 different non-competing exercises such as a pull movement, a push movement and a lower body movement. (ex. pushups, rows, and squats )

CIRCUITS: Alternate between 4 or more different exercises.

This month I'm taking all my clients and camps through a program that blends some old school methods with a new school twist.

I call it....


BODYBUILDING BOOTCAMP (BB) is a combination of the classic old school bodybuilding methods with new school metabolic training to add quality lean muscle to our body for that sculpted 'cut' look while also getting the maximum fat-smashing results.

Believe me, it burns!

"Oh it's a deep burn. Oh, it's so deep!
"Oh, I can barely lift my right arm 'cause I did so many.
I don't know if you heard me counting; I did over 1000!"

Now for the ladies, when we talk about adding muscle, we're not talking about looking like a muscle freak! We're not even talking about massive gains like professional bodybuilders train for (often under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs).

No, you're not going to rip through your clothing and start looking like the Hulk (unless you eat like him and experiment with high doses of gamma radiation!) Instead, you're gonna come away with a tighter, more toned physique and some additional cuts in your arms, legs and shoulders too!

So, how do you get this 'cut' look that we all aspire to have?

Select 4 body parts that you want to focus on. Ideally, to really tone and strengthen your whole body you would select a Knee or Hip Dominant exercise that works the quads, hamstrings & glutes, a Pull movement that works your back, and a Push exercise that works shoulders and arms.

Do one of those movement 4 straight times in a 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off fashion. Take a minute off when your finished and move to your second exercise. This entire workout will take 20 minutes total and you will have hit nearly every muscle in your body. Finish off your workout with a tasty protein smoothie with some fruit in it and your body will be getting that lean, hard summer body your looking for!

Look for the Bootcamp-To-Go Home version of these workouts coming up this week!

Jeff McDaniel
FastFit Training & Fitness

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