Tuesday, May 24, 2011



The final piece to boosting our metabolism is in variety. Even if we abide by all the previous six steps, eventually if we continue to repeat the same workout day in day out, our body will adapt to that particular routine and we stop seeing results, a.k.a the dreaded plateau factor!

Many gyms offer a circuit room, where you come in and do each machine for a certain period of time. First, we talked in Metabolic Rut # 3 about the limitations of doing machines, but even without this factor there's still the problem with any workout become routine.

If you haven't exercised in awhile, then regardless of what you do in your workouts, you'll see results. If your lifting weights, your body will increase your muscle in order to lift heavier weights. If your training for long distance running, your body will improve it's cardiorespiratory function to accomodate the extra demands. Our body is smart and efficient when we introduce a new movement or routine into our exercise regiment, our nervous system will quickly figure out how to master it.

This is why in the first few weeks of any program is when the greatest results are seen. But all the while, your body is seeking to become more efficient and so over time, results begin to diminish.

How do you avoid this plateau and regression? We simply start to change up the variables that make up our workout. It could be to introduce new movements, change the work-to-rest ratio, or even the order of exercises. A slight tweak here or there in your workout routine provides a new stimulus for your body to adapt to.

Little changes can produce big results!

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