Saturday, March 26, 2011


What are Cardio Intervals?

Interval training enables us to train at a higher intensity than we could at your normal steady-state cardio. It also, in the long run, provides for greater fat loss. Part 1 was the What, How, When of doing effective Cardio Intervals for Fat Loss.

Here's part 2 of our Cardio Interval series. This is a very unique interval protocol with 60 seconds of continuous work followed by 120 seconds of Active Recovery/Rest Period. The work period utilizes Squat Thrust variations with two different levels to choose from. The Squat Thrust is one of the great bodyweight moves you can do, and adding the Lunge variations with it make it an incredible full-body calorie-smashing cardio workout.

Following 1:00 of a Squat Thrust variation, we move to 2 full minutes of an Active Rest period performing mobility work. This will allow you to both recover from the work period while also improving your flexibility and range-of-motion. Mobility is essential for being able to train at a high level and preventing injury.

Check out last week's Cardio Interval workout using a Jump Rope intervals:

Jeff McDaniel

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