Sunday, February 20, 2011


Ever since I first heard the amazing research of Dr. Izumi Tabata years ago, I have been a major advocate of the Tabata Protocol. I immediately began utilizing this protocol of training with all my clients, and when I began running bootcamps, I made it a consistent part of our training.

Why are Tabata's SO successful? Well here's just a few of Dr. Tabata's results:

#1 GREATER FAT LOSS: 4 minutes of tabata-intervals burned just as much fat as 45 minutes of moderate aerobic training. This means you are burning EXPONENTIALLY more body fat than aerobic training.

#2 GREATER FITNESS: Interval training produces greater improvement in both our anaerobic AND aerobic energy systems.

Check out one of our camp Tabata workouts:

Ladies, if you are serious about getting rid of that muffin top and are looking to sport that swimsuit body this summer then it's time to workout like the Japanese do!

Guys, if you want to eliminate the saggy chest and tire around the waistline and want to flaunt those 6-pack abs then jump on the Tabata train!

Here's the original article from Dr. Izumi Tabata from way back in 1996!

Bootcamp: Metabolism will be doing a 3-week program on Tabata Intervals starting in March. Join the Tabata Revolution!

Jeff McDaniel, C.P.T.
FastFit Training & Fitness