Friday, December 24, 2010

NEW FOR 2011

With the new year comes a time of reflection and opportunity for re-invention. In the spirit of body and home-makeovers I've been inpired to do a complete Bootcamp Makeover!

With so many new people coming through our bootcamp program right now I've realized that for the majority of them THEIR motivation is to lose weight or simply set "in shape". But working with people has taught me not only their dreams, but also the obstacles that prevent those dreams from becoming a reality.

Honestly, real fitness is not about quick fixes and fast results, rather it's about longevity, having energy, and feeling good through activity. The truth is that no matter how much weight you lose, if your body hurts at some point your going to quit. And then all the weight will come back on. So to the rescue is.....


Bootcamp: Bulletproof is a 3-week intro program with the number one goal for people to FEEL good when they workout. The bottom line is if you hurt, you're not going to want to workout and at some point you'll quit. And whatever success you have had will diminish. These 3-weeks prepare and as I like to refer to it, "bulletproof" your body from injury when doing more advanced exercises.

I'm excited about the launch of this program for it's way to provide a starting point for people to ultmately reach their dream goals when it comes to their health and well being. The focus for this 3-week program is on building the flexibility, mobility, and overall quality of tissue throughout your body to avoid preventable injuries, build confidence, and enhance your overall fitness experience.

We're also upgrading our regular bootcamp program to BOOTCAMP: METABOLISM, which will be focusing on strength-gain and fat loss. With everyone going through our Bulletproof program first, this will allow our Metabolism camps to become more advanced and accelerate the reaching of our goals.

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