Friday, September 3, 2010


This move is 3 parts in one and is a complete total-body workout within itself. Part 1 is the HANG CLEAN. Sit into a small squat hanging the dumbbells just above the knees and pull them high and fast up the front of the body finishing with them racked on top of the shoulders.

Part 2 is the PUSH-PRESS, which is essentially just a small squat into an overhead press, and returning them back to the top of the shoulders. From here we rotate the elbows forward and bring the to parallel for Part 3, THE FRONT SQUAT.
Keep your elbows up, and sit back into a deep squat placing your weight on your heels and squeezing the glutes as you return to a standing position.

The benefits of this move is the number of muscle groups that it uses. It essentially works the most muscle groups of any exercise, and because of this it burns the most fat!

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