Monday, June 14, 2010


Great month for weight loss! So many success stories, I hate to have to choose just one, but...

The Biggest Loser for May was:

NICHOLAS NORFOLK who dropped 18 1/2 lbs in 6 weeks!

Nicholas committed himself to changing his life for the better. That meant making healthy choices in the foods he ate, and beginning a consistent exercise program. The results speak for themselves. It was exciting weighing Nicholas in each week and seeing the pounds just continue to drop. He not only looks so much better, but his energy level and whole state of mind has improved as his health & fitness level has increased. He's definitely a testament to what someone can do when they begin making healthy choices for their future!

"It was awesome to meet Jeff. I met him via a Biggest Loser competition at my apartment complex. He uses a holistic approach that includes health, nutrition, and fitness. When you combine these three you get what we all want....RESULTS! The Weekend Warrior Boot Camp is a nice jump-start to your Saturday morning. You get an intense full body workout and are energized for the remainder of the day.
Like many, I look forward to the boot camps and to converse with Jeff about ways I can improve on my newly found lifestyle. Along this healthy journey, you need someone you can count on to be your "go-to" person for encouragement and motivation. For me, that is Jeff!"
Empowering the People, Nicholas L. Norfolk

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