Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FastFit Move Of The Week: Wall Sit Curl & Press


This is a great way to work your legs, arms, and
shoulders using just dumbbells and a wall. Choose a weight that is challenging but will still allow you to perform between 10 - 16 reps.

Start in a wall sit with your knees directly over the top
of your ankles, and your hips parallel to your knees.

Begin your movement by doing a bicep curl, keeping
your back flat against the wall.

Rotate your weights up into right angles, and do an
overhead press. Repeat that move by bringing
them back into a 90 degree angle before rotating
them downward to start again.

Keep your abs engaged as you press. For more of a challenge
alternate lifting each foot up as you do each move.

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Jeff McDaniel

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