Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bootcamp Work-IN For The Winter

Well, as of last Wednesday, we said goodbye to Walnut Valley Park for the year and now are making the move indoors for the winter. It's been an awesome place for us ever since last spring with it's running track, park benches, & of course 'The Obstacle Course' aka the playground. But with the upcoming time and temperature changes it's time to switch gears and head indoors.

Although it may lack the fresh air & outdoor feel it actually opens up brand new opportunities for training & toning during the winter months.

We'll be doing morning Bootcamp @ Powerhouse gym at the same time, Monday-Thursday 6:00 am for all of you who like to get your workout in first thing.

Meanwhile the afternoon Bootcamp is going to be training @ Premier Fitness, Monday - Thursday starting at 6:15.

This was a great find! What better place to hold Bootcamp at than a fitness equipment warehouse! Plenty of space & tons of equipment just waiting to be utitlized.

And yes, this entire complex and parking lot is ours to use!

And in honor of our first full week of indoor bootcamp I'm doing THEME WEEK - with each day having it's own unique workout theme.

Here's the schedule for the week:

Mon: CCC ( Crazy Cardio & Core )

Tues: SPOOKY HALLOWEEN WORKOUT --it'll scare the fat right off of ya!

Wed: FOOTBALL FITNESS - Wear a jersey if u have one and come get a "Tight End" for football season.

Thur: BI's, TRI's, & THIGHS - bring your dumbbells ( course this is a fitness equipment
facility so if you don't there's a few hundred sets of db's lying around )

If you've never been to Bootcamp this is the perfect time to come try one out, and the first 2 weeks are absolutely FREE! Check it all out at

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