Friday, October 16, 2009

$50 Gift Cards

Hey Everybody, just got all my gift cards in & I'm giving them out literally by the 100s so if you haven't gotten one contact me today. This is a $50 Gift Card for a FREE 2 Weeks of Boot Camp training.
And the best part is if you can't do boot camp yourself you can use these to make $$. How so? Well give your friends, family, co-workers, etc. a Gift Card. I mean who doesn't like free gift cards right? So you give them a gift card & for everyone that signs up I'll give you the $50 back! Refer 8 people and you get $400 cash. Total win-win situation for everybody and an easy way to make money. ( what's the catch right? ) Well, believe it or not, in this case there actually isn't one. You refer people to my boot camp & I give you a referral fee. What could be better than making $300 or $400 on your day off right? It's a win for your friends b/c they get 2 FREE weeks of Training and it's a win for you b/c you get $$ off of handing out Gift Cards, and it's a win for me b/c I get tons of new people who come to my Boot Camp excited about changing their lives! So a definite win all the way around.
Contact me for all the cards you need...we'll be running this offer through November 20. And check out the latest on TheFastFit Boot Camps @

Committed To Your Goals,

Jeff McDaniel, C.P.T.

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