Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Berry, Berry Good!

One of the hot trends in healthy eating for 2009 is the ACAI BERRY.

If you haven't already heard about this you soon will be. It first gained attention in 2008 when it was featured on Oprah, and has since stormed the internet. In November alone, 1.5 million people Googled it.

Why is the ACAI BERRY suddenly become so popular?

Recent studies have shown that this little berry, which comes from a special tree in the Amazon, might just be the most nutritious and powerful food you can eat. Many dieticians & nutritionists worldwide have dubbed the ACAI BERRY a "superfood"!

In recent years there has been a huge push in the health industry to eat foods high in antioxidants, which slow the aging process, reduce cancer causing cells in the body, & improves your immune system.

Antioxidants can be found right in the produce section of your local grocery store in the form of blueberries, grapes, bananas, etc.

So why the hot trend of this particular plant from South America? Well, where these local fruits all contain levels of antioxidants, the ACAI BERRY contains SEVEN TIMES the amount of antioxidants as say the blueberry.

Although the Acai Berry may not be found in your local grocery store, you can find it in certain health food stores in the form of juices.

There has been controversy that has followed this mad rush to consume these rare berries, but so far the research has proven it's effectiveness as a "superfood". Stay tuned for more details on the Acai Berry.

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