Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goin' Green!

Go Green!

But not the green your thinking....

This green comes in the form of Green Leafy Vegetables

Right now Americans eat green leafy vegetables on an average of only twice a week. Why? Great question, especially when you consider they are THE most inexpensive source of protein and other important nutrients.

That's right, Protein. Protein doesn't just come from animal sources. Many animals, in fact, get their source of protein from ....yes, Green Leafy Vegetables.

Here's a few benefits from adding broccoli, spinach, or cabbage to your dinner plate:

* They're ideal for weight loss since there have very few calories in them
* High in fiber
* Rich in folic acid
* Proven to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
* Provide so many nutrients that are body needs

So, there you are.....once a day you need to Go Green!

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