Monday, September 17, 2012

How To STEP-UP For A Better Backside!

If You Want A Better Butt You Gotta STEP-UP!

 The #1 exercise for the glutes is the Step-Up!  Few exercises, activate that posterior region like this one.

For many, desk-oriented jobs, in which you sit most of the day, is the norm. 

This leads to inactive (weak) glutes, in addition to promoting tight hamstrings and hip flexors.  The STEP-UP is the answer to all three of these issues as it gets the glute firing in a good way!

The STEP-UP is simple to learn and an incredibly effective way to build leg strength and power without placing stress on the knees, hips or back. Most people who get injured from jumping activities do so because of poor landing mechanics and they simply don't know how to decelerate, use their hips, and control the landing aspect of the movement.

The STEP-UP teaches all of these in a very metabolic way.

Now, doing eccentric (or controlled lowing) STEP-UPS is not going to get you sweaty and out of breath like a lot of plyometric jumping exercises will, however, it might just be one of the most metabolic exercises you can do, and one you will feel in the hips/butt for days!!

Bottom line: The STEP-UP is going to lift and muscle up that great gluteus area like no other! Here's a sample from one of our Bootcamp-To-Go Follow-Along Workout Series:

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