Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Undulating Interval Training is a very unique and little-used type of training method. Undulating means to cycle through like waves, and this month all of our camps are cycling through all three energy "pathways" being Power, Strength, and Endurance. Each one offering it's own unique benefits.

Studies show that by employing different work and rest periods or interval protocols throughout a given training week lead to better results then doing the same thing each day. This is called undulating periodization and a great way for you to take your fitness to a whole different level.

Power : 5 - 15 seconds
One of my favorite ways to train...I LOVE training for power making those fast twitch muscle fibers pop! This is also a great way for anaerobic athletes to train, and from a general fitness standpoint, fast twitch fibers are the first to atrophy as we age. Regular power and elasticity training is the key to keeping your springs and maintaining lean muscle mass and as a result: Metabolism! Lastly, don’t let the short work periods fool you....by the end of the workout, the cumulative fatigues will hit ya hard ;)

Strength : 15 - 45 seconds
Strength training is amazing for building hypertrophy, or lean muscle gain and also muscular endurance. Intensity is the key to maximum strength and muscle gain and keeping your work time under 45 seconds allows you to push it to the limit while maintaining perfect form and technique. My favorite template for Strength is The Warrior Circuit!

Endurance 45 + seconds
Endurance can be broken up to separate categories.

Local Muscle Endurance is a muscle’s ability to perform sustained work (rowing, cycling, etc.)

Cardiovascular Endurance is the heart’s ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it. ( Running long distance )

Strength Endurance is a muscle’s ability to perform maximum contraction time after time. (Squats, Pushups, Lunges)

My favorite template for endurance is the 60-60 Interval. I use this for strength endurance or when I’m running. If your looking to really improve metabolic conditioning you can use a protocol of 45-15 or even the hardcore 50-10!!

Through Undulating Interval Training or Undulating Periodization we maximize our lean muscle gain by constantly changing the rate of tension, the length of tension, and even the rest period for every workout. This creates muscle confusion and gives us the change in our body we’re looking for!

Jeff McDaniel
FastFit Training & Fitness

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