Saturday, May 15, 2010


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A complete core exercise, this move targets both the upper and lower abdominals in addition to the obliques and lower back. It also is great for strengthening the shoulder girdle.

Begin with rotating from Side Plank to Plank without coming to your knees. Once you've mastered that move then add the Shoulder Abduction. Key point here is to rotate the shoulders up into a right angle WITHOUT twisting the hips. This will force you to use more of your core muscles.

Once you're able to perform that move successfully add the Core Rotation to the Side Plank by swooping your top arm underneath. This contracts the side abdomnals and Obliques recruiting even more core muscle groups into one exercise.

This exercise can also be modified by doing both the side plank and plank on your knees until you build up enough strength to do the advanced versions.

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