Monday, December 7, 2009

FastFit Move Of The Week: X-Band Walks


This move requires an exercise or resistance band and is an excellent way to train the gluteus medius muscles and as a great warmup or activation exercise when doing a complete leg workout.

Choose an exercise band that is challenging for you. Normally the lighter color bands ( yellow, green ) are a lighter resistance, and the the darker colors ( blue, black ) are heavier in resistance.

Begin by placing both feet inside the band crossing the handles of the band into an "X" shape and begin walking laterally.

You want to maintain good posture, keep the abs tight thoughout the move, and keep at least a shoulder width stance as you step.

You can begin with performing 8 - 10 steps in each direction and progress to doing multiples sets.
To advance this move, increase the number of steps or use a heavier resistance band.

You can also make this more challenging by holding the handles overhead as you step, which increases the amount of resistance.

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